Caryn is number 1 adult diaper brand in Vietnam and inherits all the philosophy from the No 1 adult diaper brnd in Japan – Lifree. Lifree was born from the belief to support people who would like to live their own healthy life regardless of their age from excretion care perspective. Base on this belief, the brand are continuing to evolve.
Caryn aims a higher goal is to toward future zero bedridden by encouraging the elderly mobility based on the care model from Unicharm Japan. They want to build a long-term social plan for their fanpage to deliver their meaningful message.

Caryn Social Campaign – From love to pride


Based on the fact that our parents/grandparents often share the
proud stories about them in the past, creating a platform to relive the glorious years of the grandparents/parents by recalling those good memories.
The idea of “From love to pride” can easily connect to the brand tagline “Loving lives”. Through this idea, Caryn can help care takers to show their love and pride to the grandparents/parents. From the perspective of their
grandparents/parents, Caryn will help the elders to find the joy of life with their offspring and love life more.

Photo contest ”In the past, our parents…” encourages people to share photos of parents with real stories.
In addition to engagement to be active in comic.

Caryn Social Campaign – Sending wishes to get gifts for health


On New Year 2019, Caryn organized the contest “Sending wishes to get gifts for health”.
This competition encourages children to write wishes for their grandparents and parents. Along with contest activities, Caryn also promotes gift promotion embeded in health knowledge content, minigames

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