The Sorry Campaign


Dr. Thanh is a famous Vietnamese soft drink brand produced by local giant beverage group THP. The brand was a big success in the market since its launch in 2008 but after a legal dispute in 2015 led to a huge PR crisis, the Dr. Thanh flagship brand became damaged in both brand sales and
public image.
To help revive the brand image we created various social media and CSR campaigns leading up to Tet 2017, when we launched a surprise integrated PR campaign with a message from Dr. Thanh himself.

The message that turned into a cultural movement


11 Millon Official Apology Video Views, 60 Million Earned Media TV Show Views, 7,400 Sorry Postcards sent via microsite, 63,000 Engagement on official Fanpage and estimated 200 Millions Impressions.
More over, the spirit of forgiveness reached a pinnacle when during one emotional episode an anonymous donor phoned the TV station to provide the funds to build a training center for underprivileged kids.

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